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Sixitalia Weekly Info Page; Aug 20-26, 2013



Daily Report (Opening reported in Italy, and some interesting reports from EU and North Africa)


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Aug. 19 - Morning - ES: UT. Afternoon - ES: EA, CT, SV.


Aug. 20 - Only tropo & MS condtitions.


Aug. 21 - Morning - ES: G, ON, DL, F. Afternoon/Evening - ES: G, F, SM, SP, LA, OZ, DL, PA.


Aug. 22 - Morning - ES: G.


Aug. 23 - Afternoon: TEP: 9J2BO. 


Aug. 24 - Morning - ES: OE, SV, SV5, ER, LZ. Afternoon - ES: G, F, PA, YU, ON. TEP: ZS6. Evening - ES: PA, SP, EA.


Aug. 25 - Morning/Afternoon - ES: LZ, SV, ER, YO, UT, OK, SP, DL, G, F. Evening - ES: SM, G, EI, LA.


To realize this Bullettin Sixitalia use news (except when clearly indicate) extract by (in alphabetic order): 425dxn, 50 MHz DX News by OZ6OM, ARRL DX bullettin, DXitalia DXnews by I2MQP, DXNL, www.dx-world.net, Got6 by N8OFS, ICPO, MMMonVHF, OPDX, www.rudius.net.

TNX to all!




IK2CKR, IK0FTA, IW0FFK during recents HV0A activities.

3B9 - Rodriguez Is. - 19.08.13


Lucio, I3LDP, in Moon Net, wrote:


"Hello EMErs,
everything is ready for the 3B9 Rodrigues Isl. DXpedition.
At last we have received all the permits from the authorities in Mauritius.
The call 3B9EME for V-UHF and for HF is confirmed. Locator MH10qh.
Two groups will operate simultaneously, with preference to the most difficult communications, ie EME.
After much work we can announce that we'll be active with this setup:
144 MHz with 2x8 xpol, preamplifier gift of WA2ODO, amplifier Italab 1kw (Tnx Nico ITB), ICOM IC-7000.
432 MHz with 1 homemade LFA antenna 23 elements, yet to be found preamplifier, amplifier Italab 600w (Tnx Nico ITB), ICOM IC-7000.
50 MHz with homemade LFA antenna 5 elements, amplifier ACOM 1000, homebuilt preamp MGF1302, Kenwood TS-590 (Tnx Giorgio DAE).
For HF, pse see our website http://www.ari.verona.it/veronadxteam/3b9_2013.htm and the main DX bulletins.
Is our intention to operate on 6m, 2m and 70 cm EME till 15° elevation, over 15° will operate only on 2m and 70cm EME. We’ll have 2 stations active simultaneously, if no mutual interferences problems.
We'll try to have an internet connection, although slow.
The flight will depart on September 1 at 17,45 (IT time), and we'll arrive in Rodrigues on September 2 at 20,50 (Rodrigues time). I think we'll start with the operations on moonrise of September 4.
Frequencies: 144,130, 432.090 and 50.190. We'll call always in the even period. (1st) Operating tips on http://www.ari.verona.it/veronadxteam/3b9_2013.htm
Thanks for the help that you can give to our expedition. Donations are very welcome via PayPal to Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot, abilitare Javascript per vederlo
Renato I3EJ we'll keep you informed during the DXpedition on our site: http://www.ari.verona.it/veronadxteam/3b9_2013.htm . Email questions or sked requests to: Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot, abilitare Javascript per vederlo .
Thanks Renè (PE1L) and Atletico Team, for your support and hints.
3B9EME Operators from VeronaDXteam: I3LDP Lucio, I3VJW Walter, IK5MIC Alex, IZ3KIF Rony, IZ3STA Ilario.
See you soon from 3B9 !
73 de I3LDP" 


BY - China - 24.03.13

CAMSAT (AMSAT China) will hold a big DX party in skirt of Dunhuang city northwest of China,located in CQ zone 23, grid square locator NM79aw, it will be the frist time to transmite amateur radio signal from this locator area, they plan to be QRV on Oct 19th and continually operate until Oct 28th, from 160 meters to 70 centimeters all amateur radio bands.
Four stations will be setup with well equipped, main objective is experiment of the earth-moon-earth and meteor scatter communications, during the ARRL EME contest period on Oct 26-27, the team will take part in the contest as  Multioperator All Mode category.
At the meantime, CAMSAT members will not only emphasize on the amateur radio in space, but they will also enjoy shortwave DXing,especially HF low bands communications, as well as CQWW HF SSB Contest during Oct 26-27, the operating category will be  Multioperator Single Transmitter.
VHF station will operate on 2 meters and 6 meters, equipments including: M2 2MXP20 x 2 antenna array with 2M-PA preamplifier, Beko HLV-1000 1kw power amplifier, ICOM IC-910H transceiver and WinRadio G33DDC SDR receiver with Kuhne TR-144H downconverter.
UHF station will operate on 70 centimeters , equipments including: M2 436CP42UG x 2 antenna array with MSP432VDG preamplifier, Beko HLV-1100 1kw power amplifier, ICOM IC-910H transceiver.
Two HF stations will operate on all amateur radio bands from 160 meters to 10 meters, equipments including: ICOM IC-7700 transceiver with 1.5kW power amplifier, ICOM IC-7600 transceiver with 1.5kW power amplifier. The HF transceivers will share following antennas exchanging automatically through computer interface control. Antennas including: SteppIR DB36E Yagi with 80m optional, Cushcraft A3S Yagi, M2 10M4DX monobander, four array GP for 80 meters, 160 meters GP, two Beverage receive only antennas for 80 and 160 meters bands.
A special experiment callsign BJ9TA will be used for operating above 50 MHz and HF low bands communications.BY9GA/9 callsign will be used for CQWW HF SSB conest and normal operations on HF.
The team members will consist of about fifty hams coming from various provinces of China,  operators including: BA1EO, BA1DU, BA4TA, BA4TB, BA4RN, BA4WI, BA4ALC, BH4RQU, BH4REQ, BD5RV, BA7CK, BA9GA, BA9TX, BD9GQ, BG0GE. QSL via Alan BA1DU.
Alan Kung, BA1DU CEO of CAMSAT (AMSAT-China).



CX - Uruguay - 21.08.13

Ricardo CX2SC in mmmonvhf wrote:
"Hi Friends, I want to announce the activation of CX1AA official station Radio Club Uruguayo from August 23 to 31.
The 80th anniversary of the institucion and therefore will activate all bands including EME (144mhz).
Data. CX1AA GF15wc. More Informations: www.qrz.com or www.cx1aa.org
many greetings
Ricardo CX2SC"



E4 - Palestine - 23.08.13

Peri, HB9IQB is QRV as E44PM from Bethlehem (WW Loc. KM72PA) until August 31. Activity is on the HF bands and 6 meters. QSL to home call.
Website: www.hb9iqb.ch/palestine.html

EA - Spain - 23.08.13

EA3EGB, Manel and EA3AKA, Gabriel hope to be active from Medas Island (EU-078, Grid Loc. JN12), between 30th August and 2nd September.
QRV as EF3EGB, look for them on 160-6 metre CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via EA3EGB.

J3 - Grenada - 23.08.13

A Japanese contest expedition to the island of Grenada (NA-024) will take place from 21-29 November, 2013. Team members include Tak JA1MZL, Ted JJ1LIB, Naoki JN1RVS, Masa JN3NFQ and Isao JH1ROJ. QRV as J3/homecall on all bands and modes, including a Multi-Single entry in the CQWW DX CW Contest (23-24 November).

SV - Greece - 23.08.13 (Reminder from 21.06.13)

Fred, PA1FJ, will be active as SV8/PA1FJ/p from the island of Chios (EU-049, GIOTA NAS-002, MIA MG-025, WLOTA 4103) between 29th August and 9th September, 2013. Activity is planned for 40-6m SSB and CW, QRP, using FT-817 with Buddi Stick/HighEndfed. QSL is preferred via the Dutch QSL bureau (Box 330, NL-6800 AH Arnhem, The Netherlands).

YN - Nicaragua - 23.08.13

Mike, AJ9C, plans to be active from Grenada (WW Loc. EK71AU), Nicaragua, as YN2CC from 19-27 November, 2013. QRV on 160-6 metres, mainly CW.

ZD8 - Ascension Is. - 23.08.13

Olaf G0CKV, Oliver W6NV, and Jorma OH2KI will be active from Ascension Island (AF-003, Loc. II22) as ZD8M, ZD8W and ZD8X, respectively, from 19-24 November, 2013. QRV on HF and 6 metres before the CQWW DX CW Contest (23-24 November).

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