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Sixitalia Weekly Info Page; Aug 27 - Sep. 2, 2013



Daily Report (Opening reported in Italy, and some interesting reports from EU and North Africa)


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Aug. 26 - Morning - ES: UT, OH, ES, YL, EI, TF, G. Afternoon - ES: G, TF, EI, OZ, LA, OH, SM. ESmh/TEP: 6V/b. Evening - ES: SV.


Aug. 27 - Morning - ES: SM, LA, OZ, G. Afternoon - TEP: V5/HB9PHJ, TJ3SN.


Aug. 28 - Morning - ES: UT, SP, G, OZ, DL, PA. Afternoon - ES: YO, F, G, DL, EI, LA, F, SP, SM, LY. Evening - ES: UT, YO, SM, PA, LA. TEP: C5YK.


Aug. 29 - Morning - ES: EA, CT. Afternoon - ES: UT, YO. Evening - ES: EA, G. TEP: ZD8/b (South Italy)


Aug. 30 - Morning - ES: G, OZ, SM, DL, OH, LA, CT, EA. Afternoon - ES: LA, SM, G, EI, EA. TEP: TJ3SN.Evening - ES: G, F, EI, OZ, LA.


Aug. 31 - Morning - ES: JY/b, 4X/b. Afternoon - TEP: V5/HB9PHJ.


Sep. 1 - Afternoon - TEP: TJ3SN. Evening - TEP: ZD7/b.


To realize this Bullettin Sixitalia use news (except when clearly indicate) extract by (in alphabetic order): 425dxn, 50 MHz DX News by OZ6OM, ARRL DX bullettin, DXitalia DXnews by I2MQP, DXNL, www.dx-world.net, Got6 by N8OFS, ICPO, MMMonVHF, OPDX, www.rudius.net.

TNX to all!




An historical picture on HV3SJ shack in early '80 (not 6m at that time)

frome left to right: SWL/I0? ,  I4MZD, I4PWL, HV3SJ, I5MZY e I4EAT

3B8 - Mauritius - 27.08.13

Seems that Darren, G0TSM, will be active as 3B8/G0TSM from between September 18-28th. Darren will be there on holiday, so activity will be limited to 2-3 hours per day on 40-6 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY. His equipment is an IC-7000 with wire antennas for 40-10m and a 2 element Quad on 6m.



CE0 - Easter Is. - 30.08.13

Mario CX4CR, Humberto CX3AN, Gustavo CX2AM, Gustavo CX3CE, Francisco EA7FTR and Eugene EA5HPX will be active from Hanga Roa, Easter Island (SA-001) between 1-7th November, 2013. They will run 3 stations simultaneously - 160-6 metre CW, SSB and Digital modes. QSL Manager is EB7DX.
More info on: easterisland2013.com


EA8 - Canary Is. - 29.08.13

Ivan, EA8YG will be on the Archipelago Chinijo on the Isla de la Graciosa (AF-004) between September 1 and 15. QRV as EE8YG on 160-6m in SSB. QSL via EA8YG.


JA - Japan - 27.08.13

Makoto, JI5RPT, will be active as JI5RPT/6 from (Kami & Shimo) Kamikoshiki Islands (AS-037) between September 7-8th. Activity will be on the HF bands (usually 40-6 meters) using CW and the Digital modes. QSL via his home callsign, direct or by the Bureau.

V6 - Micornesia - 27.08.13

Operators Hiroo/JA2VWG and Seihachi/JA7LU will be active as V63DDD and V63LU, respectively, from Pohnpei Island (OC-010) between September 4-16th. Activity will be on 40-6 meters using SSB and RTTY.
QSL direct only to their home callsigns (see QRZ.com for details). No Bureau QSLs.

YJ - Vanuatu -27.08.13

Tug, JA2ZS, will lead a team of four JA operators and will be active as YJ0ZS from the Iririki Island Resort, Port Villa, between November 1-11th. Activity will be on 160-6 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY.
QSL via JA2ZS. No other details were provided.

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