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THURSDAY 03 JUNE 2010 14:54

Maggio-May 2010 (Part 2)


6V7W - Senegal

6V7W is the callsign eventually issued to the Spanish team for


EU-017 - Stromboli Isl.

From May 29th till June 2nd an IT9 team will be active from Stromboli Island  like ID9/homecall.

References : IOTA: EU 017; IIA: ME016 LOC. JM78OT

Bands HF+6m



EU-125 - Romo Isl.

A group of German radio scouts is going to activate the

Danish island Romo (DIA NS-001) signing OZ1RDP from May 21-25. Eight to

ten HAMs will use several radios mainly in SSB and PSK31 (some CW) on

20m, 40m and 80m, but also on 30m/17m/15m/10m/6m/2m.

QSL: ONLY via DL9BCP: via DARC bureau is ok, but NOT via OZ bureau!

Their website is: 

their 24-31 July activity from SenegalThey will

operate SSB, CW and RTTY on 160-6 metres with three stations. QSL

via EA5KA. Further information can be found at 6v7w.dxciting.com

[SOURCE: 425 DX News #993]







Mek, LA/SP7VC qrv from JP54FI.
I would like inform about my next HF/VHF activity as LA/SP7VC.
I will be between 28.05 - 4.06.2010 go for fishing to Norway
(JP54FI) and in free time I will be QRV on following bands:
80m, 40m, 20m dipoles +500W
50 MHz: 5el yagi +500W TX-RX Icom IC-706
[SOURCE: MMMonVHF web-site]


FH8ND - Mayotte
Lionel, F5PSL will be active as FH8ND from Mayotte (AF-027) from
23 May until 15 August. He plans to operate SSB on 80-6 metres.
QSL via F1OKV, direct or bureau.
[SOURCE: 425 DX News #994]


V31XB - Belize
Mike, VE2XB will be active as V31XB from Caye Caulker (NA-073),
Belize from 25 May to 14 June. He will operate CW and SSB on all
HF bands, including 6 metres. QSL via home call.
[SOURCE: 425 DX News #994]


TM0B - EU-074
From my 21 to 28 the Charente DX Group (CDXG) will sign TM0B, with 4/5 stations all modes and all HF bands (+ 50Mhz if possible) from Brehat
Island references :
EPC#11091 aera FR021
We will be in the EU PSK DX contest from may 22/23 with one station.
The crew : Joel F1BLQ - Michel F5EOT - Eric F5LOW - Laurent F5MNK - Fabrice F5NBQ - Bertrand F6HKA - Leon ON4ZD/OS0S
QSL via F6ANA and log online after activity at http://users.belgacom.net/cdxg


SV5/G0TSM - Kos Isl.
From the 26th May to 2nd June 2010 I'll be on holiday in Kos, Dodecanse Islands. I'll be QRV when time permits as SV5/G0TSM. Ant will be a quad loop and 100W from an IC7000. (Darren, G0TSM via UKSMG)
[SOURCE: CQ Six - 50 MHz DX Information]


C5 - Gambia
A group of us will be active from The Gambia (C5) in a few weeks, arriving 25 June and departing 6 July, with the usual focus on 6m. We will be operating from what should be an excellent location on the beach, so we hope to make many QSO's. Look for us on 50.103. Our callsign is still pending and I'm not sure yet about internet access - more details as they become available.
(Arliss W7XU via UKSMG)
[SOURCE: CQ Six - 50 MHz DX Information]


FS/W6JKV - St. Martin
Jimmy will be active again from another Caribbean Island, this year will be active as
FS/W6JKV from June 22 till July 2.
Further news later.


SM6CMU trip
Ingo, SM6CMU, is going on his regular holiday trip to Lofoten and try to be qrv on 50 MHz (maybe as well 144 MHz) from LA and SM He is planing to go on a regular 2 week trip to Lofoten at the end of July - beginning of August and 6M is for sure with his IC706MkII transceivers one in the car and one to use in the cottages. 50 MHz is now open for everywhere in Sweden so he will find some new ones along the road which not could be used before. Will also do some JT6M in the evenings/mornings.
[SOURCE: MMMonVHF Newsletter 2010-05-20]


CT7 Activity
Joachim, DL8HCZ, will be back at his QTH in Portugal (IM57) from mid of May 2010. As well some friends of him plan activities from there or on the way... CT7/DL8LAQ, Norbert, will be qrv from may 22nd until June 6th. He specially looks for ES oepnings... From 25th to 28th of may 2010 CT7/G0KSC will be there and make some antenna experieces... Also on the way will be Ralf as CT7/DL9XAT from up 2nd until 11th. June. He will be mostly qrv on 6m and as well mobile qrv with call signs F/DL9XAT/m and EA/DL9XAT/m and be qrv with 100W and vertical on 6m.
[SOURCE: MMMonVHF Newsletter 2010-05-20]


J48HW - Thassos Isl.
Laci, HA0HW will be active as J48HW and SV8/HA0HW from Thassos from 27 May to 7 June. He will operate mainly CW, with some SSB, RTTY and PSK31 as well, on the HF bands (mainly on 40, 30, 20 and 17 metres) and on 6 metres. He will take part in the CQ WW WPX CW Contest as J48HW. QSL via  home call, direct or bureau.
[SOURCE: 425 DX News #993]


IL3T - Torcello Isl.
Domenica 30 maggio il team di IL3T, monterà le antenne :
una spiderbeam 5 bande, due dipoli per 40 e 80 metri, una 5 elementi per i sei metri e una 10 elemnti per i 144 mhz sull'isola di Torcello (IOTA: EU-131 - IIA: VE-011).
Le operazioni dovrebbero iniziare subito appena montata la prima antenna (Spiderbeam) per poi proseguire con il contest Gargano in 50 Mhz.
Last news, the special call IL3T for Torcello island IOTA EU131, into the Venice's lagoon, is authorized -second time- from the first march 2010 to 31 october 2010.
The radio operations will start at 30th May 2010. The team of radio club ARI San Donà di Piave, with the help of several players from other provinces and regions, will participate in all the major radio contest.
[SOURCE: Direct mail from I5JKI/3]




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